Totally CRIT

#18: Game Changers of Human Sphere N3

July 26, 2016

James, John and Chris kick off Totally CRIT. Like the consummate professionals we are, we turn up on target and on time, to deal with all the Infinity concerns you have… so have a guess who’s late ;D For this episode the CRITcrew receive some manna from heaven as our Lord and Saviour, the world renown Carlos of Corvus Belli spits forth some earthly wisdom and insider knowledge for us in CRITical Contact. And just as we’ve recovered from his head spinning revelations (get hyped) we do what only true professionals can do and take a deeper look at the Game Changers of Human Sphere N3 in Games and Theory. Pucker your backside CRITheads and delve deep for episode 18.


Intro: 52
CRITical Contact: 1m24 
Games and Theory: 28m55
Outro: 2h09m05

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