Totally CRIT

#26: The Three Stooges

May 3, 2017

Cover your ears children, the bad boys of CRIT are back for episode twenty-six AKA the Three Stooges. For this episode James, John, Chris and Rob are all together again and ready to discuss the merits of the Three Stooges themselves. Not the comedy act, but the Alive anti-establishment group in the newly retitled CRIT Theory.

We start the episode with our usual roundup of what we've been up to in What the CRIT. Chatting about our hobby exploits and excursions. Then it's time to cast an eye over the ALIVE anti-establishment, group break it down and pull apart the merits and failings of this unusual triumvirate. Rounding things off with an army list discussion; where we try to get the most out of them for 300pts play.


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 1m30
CRIT Theory: 1h22m12
Outro: 2h24m51


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