Totally CRIT

#43 Knives to a Gunfight

November 11, 2018

Well, guess who's back? Back again... 

It's Totally CRIT with a trio of trouble in the form of Chris, John and the returning Commander of CRIT James. We start the show with our usual round of What the CRIT. Where the boys discuss what they've been up to lately. Chris informs us of his latest factional flame Aleph Operations Sub-Section and gives us a breakdown of how he's been getting along with them. John follows up with his new found love for the Tartary Army Corps and his recent trip to Wayland for their Monthly I.T.S. event. James rounds things off with his experience at Wayland including a discussion of his controversial concession and he admits he's on the bandwagon too having picked up TAK as well.

Then it's on to the main event with a discussion on Close Combat in Games and Theory. We start by chatting about the basics, such as how to get into close combat and what to do once you do. Then we mull over the various special skills linked to CC and consider if there are too many. We then take a nap and come back for part two where we discuss some of the more advanced elements. Consider some of our favourite tricks and give some tips. Rage as we debate the merits of our favourite CC specialists with a potentially controversial winner!

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