Totally CRIT

#45 Death from Above

March 10, 2019

It's time, it's time, it's Totally CRIT time! This is episode number 45 Death from Above where we discuss ITS season 10's trendiest deployment type Airborne Deployment. The Crew put their heads together to let you know how to best make use of this old Infinity stalwart. 


John, Chris and James open up with a brief rundown of what exactly Airborne Deployment is and the many levels of this skill. They run over the pros and cons of this deployment type, discuss the various load-outs, and when to strike with them. Is alpha strike the be-all and end-all of AD or is it worth holding back a little? Exactly how can you help ensure they arrive, how do you protect them and how do you defend against them? Finally, we round things up with a few shout outs for our favourite AD troops! 

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