#33 Enemy of the State

December 4, 2017

In this episode we kick off as usual with What the CRIT before we take a look at the game past and present. First off in the CRIT Report we run through the stats for ITS Season 8 as published by CB after which we discuss the complexity of the game.

As ever please get in touch via the usual avenues. 


#32 We Have the Power

October 25, 2017

In this show we open with regular feature What the CRIT after which Chris and Rob recount their escapades at the UK Masters in Games and CRIT. Finally we run through some lists entries for Chris competition in CRIT Theory.

As always we'd like to hear your feedback and thoughts on topics you would like us to discuss. You can get in contact via Facebook or our email.


#31 Masters of the Sphereyverse

September 18, 2017

In this show we open as usual with What the CRIT before we run through our intial thoughts on ITS season 9:Treason in the CRIT Report. After which we delve into the upcoming Masters event before it devolves into a ramble about the lists we might or might not be taking.


#30 Its not your list its everyone else’s

August 27, 2017

In this episode we have an extended What the CRIT where we recount our escapades at recent tournaments, including our very own TCOX1.

After which we get into some list building ideas in CRIT Theory.

As always you can get in touch via our Facebook page

Intro 53s
What the CRIT 1m56s
CRIT Theory 1h35m09s
Outro 2h52m25s



#29 Back to Basics

July 26, 2017

This show is a bit haphazard has things a afoot behind the scenes. We keep it simple with an extended What the CRIT of when the four of us got out to a tournament together for the first time in a while. 

As always find us and contact us via FB https://www.facebook.com/TotallyCrit/


#28 Going LIVE! The INA: Open pre-ITS special

May 20, 2017

Why hello there CRITheads this is special broadcast. Chris and James are joined by Greg Warwick from the Plastic Crack blog for a pre-ITS prep podcast. Where we talk about the infamous Infinity Northern Alliance tournament and the missions to be played at Northern Open 09.

For this episode, we decided to broadcast it as a Facebook live event. And now share it with you a podcast special. Please enjoy!


#27: Playing HYPE and how to beat it

May 17, 2017

Feel the love CRITheads, because you can't keep a good CRIT down we're back to dish more out. This is episode number twenty-seven, Playing HYPE and how to beat it. For this episode James, John and Chris kick off the show with your usual dose of What the CRIT action. John reveals his secret new faction for the Woton campaign, Chris gives a rundown of his most recent tournament antics, and James discusses the fun and games he's had with PanOceania.

After What the CRIT it's time for our epic roundtable discussion in CRIT Theory. After reading out a listener email and offering our pearls of wisdom, we debate which are the most hyped units for each Infinity faction; how to make the best use of them and crucially how to beat them. Can you guess which units make it in, and do you agree with our choices? We round the feature off by discussing Tohaa's dirty reputation and decide just how broken they are.


Intro: 1m11
What the CRIT: 2m06
CRIT Theory - part 1: 1h01m19

  • PanOceania 1h19m37
  • Yu Jing 1h43m33
  • Ariadna 1h54m58
  • Haqqislam 2h08m12

Crit Theory - part 2: 2h19m19

  • Nomads 2h19m19
  • Combined Army 2h35m49
  • Aleph 2h57m51
  • Tohaa 3h19m51

Outro: 3h51m45



#26: The Three Stooges

May 3, 2017

Cover your ears children, the bad boys of CRIT are back for episode twenty-six AKA the Three Stooges. For this episode James, John, Chris and Rob are all together again and ready to discuss the merits of the Three Stooges themselves. Not the comedy act, but the Alive anti-establishment group in the newly retitled CRIT Theory.

We start the episode with our usual roundup of what we've been up to in What the CRIT. Chatting about our hobby exploits and excursions. Then it's time to cast an eye over the ALIVE anti-establishment, group break it down and pull apart the merits and failings of this unusual triumvirate. Rounding things off with an army list discussion; where we try to get the most out of them for 300pts play.


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 1m30
CRIT Theory: 1h22m12
Outro: 2h24m51



#25: I will edit in a title…

March 30, 2017

The boys are back and the beers are in. It’s the Totally CRIT Crew with another episode of their fantastical brand of podcasting entertainment. This is episode #25 I will edit in a title… For this episode Rob, John and James settle in for discussion of all things CRIT. Starting with a breakdown of What the CRIT they’ve been up to hobby wise, with musings on painting, terrain building and the virtue of entering buildings.

Then it’s on to Games and CRIT and time for the boys to break it down for Totally CRIT Open 9. Their trials, their tribulations, their victories and their defeats. Discussing among other things the merits of player-TOs, speed of play, the value of order spam, and just why is it so good? We cover meta, game mechanics, and the causes of all this grief. We even remember to talk about the games we played.

Finally, we round things off with Community CRIT where we discuss the qualifiers for this year’s UK Infinity Masters. And hit wild tangents like which American Football teams we like. Then it’s time for a Totally CRIT competition…


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m10
Games & CRIT - part 1: 24m34
Games & CRIT - part 2: 1h41m37
Community CRIT & Competition: 2h21m36



#24: Who’s that guy?

March 1, 2017

Are you ready? Are you ready for CRIT? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the CRITs rip, to the sound of the beat! 

Hey we’re back in the saddle again with Totally CRIT episode 24 - Who's that Guy? This time Rob, John and Chris sally forth raiding the airwaves with their meandering, baffling, wild and often incendiary discussion. They start the show gently with a friendly chat about what they’ve been up to in What the CRIT. Where they cover all the hobby fun they’ve had over the last few weeks.

However all bets are off when the boys dare to discuss the etiquette of gaming in Community CRIT, friends soon become foes, reason gives way to obstinance, the sky falls and hell opens, but don’t worry folks… they kiss and make up! What was causing all this? Well it was listener email. Damn their ears!


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m10
Community CRIT – part 1: 40m53
Community CRIT - part 2: 1h24m44
Outro: 2h16m14