#24: Who’s that guy?

March 1, 2017

Are you ready? Are you ready for CRIT? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the CRITs rip, to the sound of the beat! 

Hey we’re back in the saddle again with Totally CRIT episode 24 - Who's that Guy? This time Rob, John and Chris sally forth raiding the airwaves with their meandering, baffling, wild and often incendiary discussion. They start the show gently with a friendly chat about what they’ve been up to in What the CRIT. Where they cover all the hobby fun they’ve had over the last few weeks.

However all bets are off when the boys dare to discuss the etiquette of gaming in Community CRIT, friends soon become foes, reason gives way to obstinance, the sky falls and hell opens, but don’t worry folks… they kiss and make up! What was causing all this? Well it was listener email. Damn their ears!


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m10
Community CRIT – part 1: 40m53
Community CRIT - part 2: 1h24m44
Outro: 2h16m14


#23: Limit your Insertion

January 10, 2017

We know you like Totally CRIT, so here’s some more CRIT for ya. Rob, John and Chris are back and swapping war stories. In episode #23 Limit your Insertion, formally known as CRIT on the ITS Express, remixed and remastered for added strength and superior length. Now with added Games and CRIT.

The CRIT crew give us a brief rundown of what they’ve been up to since last we met, in What the CRIT. With great yarns and tales of Rob and John’s adventures at SCTS IV Festive Warfare in Bournemouth. Then it’s time for the crew to delve deep, go long, furrow their brows and clench their cheeks. As they try to understand the ramifications and tactics required for ITS Limited Insertion.


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m07
Games and CRIT: 49m49
Outro: 1h53m05 


#22: Of Onyx, Service and CRITs

December 13, 2016

The wheels are off the bus, and the inmates are running the asylum, but that’s just business as usual for the Totally CRIT Crew. It’s time for another episode of your favourite irrelevant Infinity podcast, and we’ve got a doozy for you. It’s episode #22: Of Onyx, Service and CRITs. We join Rob and John as they guide us through just what the heck they’ve been doing lately in Games and CRIT. First up John gives us the word on his latest fancy the Onyx Contact Force. Then in part two we join Rob as he guides us through a return to his Infinity roots in the form of Yu Jing’s Imperial Service.


Intro: 1m02
Games and CRIT part 1: 4m52 
Games and CRIT part 2: 1h01m58 
Outro: 1h54m49


#21: War What is it Good For?

September 12, 2016

The internet’s favourite Infinity team return and combine their powers once again for the good of the Human Sphere. James, John, Chris and Rob unite for episode #21 of Totally CRIT, ‘War what is it good for?’. In this episode we give you a rundown of our antics in What the CRIT, followed by the latest UK Infinity Masters update in CRITical News. Then it’s time for the main event where we have a CRIT Chat with Grantt Ennis, the man behind of Artof War Studios purveyors of quality Wargaming tokens and terrain.


Intro: 52s
What theCRIT: 1m54
CRITicalNews: 56m18
CRIT chat: 59m36
Outro: 1h50m31


#20: What’s the Time Mr Wolf - part deux?

August 30, 2016

This is episode 20 of Totally CRIT What's the Time Mr Wolf part deux. John drops in to join James and Chris as they discuss their respective performances at Totally CRIT Open VII, including their controversial clash in round three. As the TO for that event he again gets to play peacemaker to these two disgruntled combatants in Games and CRIT! After the boys have simmered down they then move on to a round table discussion on tournament gaming etiquette including intent and issue of time keeping at tournaments. 


Intro: 52s
Games and CRIT: 1m20
Outro: 1


#19: What’s the time Mr Wolf?

August 22, 2016

James and Chris return with the latest hot shizzle from the Interbizzle, otherwise known as the internet sensation that is Totally CRIT, not only the UK’s most beloved Infinity podcast, but at least the 4th or 5th best Infinity podcast in the world! This is episode 19 What’s the time Mr Wolf? For this episode Chris and James discuss what they’ve been up to in What the CRIT, with extra-extra time given over to Chris’ bat-reps, because no one likes a draw. Then it’s onto a breakdown of this month’s releases and an Infinity Masters update in the CRITical News roundup.


Intro: 52s  
What the CRIT: 1m20  
CRITical news: 59m11 
Outro: 1­h36m54


#18: Game Changers of Human Sphere N3

July 26, 2016

James, John and Chris kick off Totally CRIT. Like the consummate professionals we are, we turn up on target and on time, to deal with all the Infinity concerns you have… so have a guess who’s late ;D For this episode the CRITcrew receive some manna from heaven as our Lord and Saviour, the world renown Carlos of Corvus Belli spits forth some earthly wisdom and insider knowledge for us in CRITical Contact. And just as we’ve recovered from his head spinning revelations (get hyped) we do what only true professionals can do and take a deeper look at the Game Changers of Human Sphere N3 in Games and Theory. Pucker your backside CRITheads and delve deep for episode 18.


Intro: 52
CRITical Contact: 1m24 
Games and Theory: 28m55
Outro: 2h09m05


#17: A Red Un-veiling

July 11, 2016

Totally CRIT are here again, saving the day like supermen. Episode 17 a Red Un-veiling has James, John, Chris and Rob taking a look at Operation: Red Veil, Corvus Belli’s latest starter set for Infinity the Game in CRITical News. We start the show with another Masters update and then let you know what we’ve been up to in Whatthe CRIT. Then it’s time for the aforementioned CRITical News and June Releases review. And finally we round the show off with a listener request in CRITback.


Intro: 52s
Masters Update: 2m17
What the CRIT: 8m12
CRITical News: 1h12m26
CRITback: 2h02m51
Outro: 2h25m33

#16: Nice to meet you Human Sphere

June 17, 2016

The CRITcrew are back and it's about damn time. Episode #16 Nice to meet you Human Sphere has Rob, James and Chris playing catch up. We start the show by taking a look back and asking our selves what we've been up to, in What the CRIT. Then it's time to cast their collective eyes over the last few months of Infinity releases and give our first impressions of Human Sphere N3 in the CRITical News. 


#15: ITS 2016 Review

March 21, 2016

The CRITcrew return and we have a LOT to talk about. Episode #15 the ITS 2016 Review sees James, John and Rob joined by our guest Ben for an epic three hour episode. We kick off the show with our regular look at Infinity and our hobby exploits in What the CRIT. And then it's on to a spirited discussion of the recent ITS 2016 release in the CRITical review. Finally we round things off with a rundown of all the upcoming UK ITS events in Community News. 


Intro: 51s
What the CRIT: 1m40s
CRITical Review: 1h21m40s

Community News: 3h04m08s
Outro: 3h05m58s