#43 Knives to a Gunfight

November 11, 2018

Well, guess who's back? Back again... 

It's Totally CRIT with a trio of trouble in the form of Chris, John and the returning Commander of CRIT James. We start the show with our usual round of What the CRIT. Where the boys discuss what they've been up to lately. Chris informs us of his latest factional flame Aleph Operations Sub-Section and gives us a breakdown of how he's been getting along with them. John follows up with his new found love for the Tartary Army Corps and his recent trip to Wayland for their Monthly I.T.S. event. James rounds things off with his experience at Wayland including a discussion of his controversial concession and he admits he's on the bandwagon too having picked up TAK as well.

Then it's on to the main event with a discussion on Close Combat in Games and Theory. We start by chatting about the basics, such as how to get into close combat and what to do once you do. Then we mull over the various special skills linked to CC and consider if there are too many. We then take a nap and come back for part two where we discuss some of the more advanced elements. Consider some of our favourite tricks and give some tips. Rage as we debate the merits of our favourite CC specialists with a potentially controversial winner!


#42 Scuttlebutt

October 13, 2018

They say it's better late than never, but then again who are "they"? Crazy people that's who. Totally CRIT is back, and if this episode feels like a throwback that's because it is! Recorded in August the gremlins have only just finished stitching it together for your ears only. 

John, Chris and Rob kick the show off with our usual round of What the CRIT, where their discuss what they've been up to lately. The boys move swiftly on to talking about the Interplantario, they have a mull over it's classification with the Limited Insertion and Soldier of Fortune extras. Have some list building ideas, while looking at the missions and discuss the two-tier system with the top tier facing off in a swiss tournament before the winner plays a finale against the best of the rest. And let's not even talk about the terrain... 

FAQ, sees the boys discuss the last FAQ update and how the changes affect the game; next up sees them have a quick chat about GenCon, what happened there and what their favourite pieces of news were. Before finally rounding off the show with a little community news and sign-off.



#41 All the CRIT

July 21, 2018

We are back to a triad for this episode as stalwarts John and Chris are once again joined by Rob, AKA Bobman.

As ever we kick off with What the CRIT, after which we spend a short time dicussing Community CRIT and the Kurage campaign. The meat of the show is New CRIT and a discussion on the impending Operation Coldfront and Tunguska.

Feedback is always welcome via the Facebook page or critcrew @email.com


#40 How Yuán-dùing?

July 12, 2018

Once again the inmates are running the asylum in episode 40 (yes forty) of Totally CRIT in "How Yuán-dùing?". John and Chris are once again trusted to look after themselves and after doing their introductions they dive right into What the CRIT. Where they talk about the Totally CRIT Open, Chris' new filthy list, John launches a passionate but futile defence of #brokentohaa and chats about their games of Aristeia! 

Once they finish talking all that CRIT the boys move onto Recon where they recon the Recon they've been playing in their local Recon league. And finally, they round the show out by asking How Yuán-dùing? With a little CRITical examination of the ITS closed battle lists for Yu-Jing. 


#39 Totally Noise

June 6, 2018

We have a special episode for you this time. At CRIT Towers we were thrilled when the guys at White Noise contacted us about a joint effort. If you haven'y checked them out already we thouroughly recommend you do so. So this episode is what happened when the two podcast collided.




#38 Duo

May 18, 2018

The CRIT Crew are down to a duo in this episode as John and Chris are let lose for an exgended 'What the CRIT'. After that the guys get into some questions John asked Hellois about the curent ITS season and what is in store.


#37 Crutch Time

March 29, 2018

This episode the CRIT Crew start as always with What the CRIT where we discuss our recent gaming escapades. We also talk a little bit about the big Uprisign news and the new NA2 stuff.

After which the main CRIT Theory segment is another listener email. This time we talk about whether or not Infinty has crutch units and what those might be, as well as dicussing the RPG and narative options when playing games of Infinity.

As always please get in touch via facebook or email critcrew@email.com

TCOX3 is on April 21st


#36 No, not number 35.

February 27, 2018

Back after a brief abscence. In this episode the CRITCrew run through What the CRIT with Chris returning from his hiatus.

After which we answer a listener email in CRIT Theory and talk about Combined Army lists and the Avatar.

TCO is on APril 21st. Please get in contact via email or Facebook.


#35 Masters

January 2, 2018

In this special episode we bring you after hours chat from last years UK Masters, held in Birmingham and run by Deathbird and a group of UK TOs and Warcors.

This episode was recorded on the Saturday after the games at the venue. As a result sound quality isn't much and some people sound quiet due to proximity to the microphone. The intial plan was to release this in December as a Christmas present extra episode but unfortunately things go in the way, but hopefully better late than never.



#34 Countdown Before Christmas

December 28, 2017

In this show we are down to John and Rob.


We kick off as usual with What the CRIT and run through out recent activities including Rob's trip to Smackown. Then we revisit an old segment in the top 5 countdown, this time going over out top 5 HI.

As ever please get in touch with feedback or any questions.