Totally CRIT

#21: War What is it Good For?

September 12, 2016

The internet’s favourite Infinity team return and combine their powers once again for the good of the Human Sphere. James, John, Chris and Rob unite for episode #21 of Totally CRIT, ‘War what is it good for?’. In this episode we give you a rundown of our antics in What the CRIT, followed by the latest UK Infinity Masters update in CRITical News. Then it’s time for the main event where we have a CRIT Chat with Grantt Ennis, the man behind of Artof War Studios purveyors of quality Wargaming tokens and terrain.


Intro: 52s
What theCRIT: 1m54
CRITicalNews: 56m18
CRIT chat: 59m36
Outro: 1h50m31

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