Totally CRIT

#22: Of Onyx, Service and CRITs

December 13, 2016

The wheels are off the bus, and the inmates are running the asylum, but that’s just business as usual for the Totally CRIT Crew. It’s time for another episode of your favourite irrelevant Infinity podcast, and we’ve got a doozy for you. It’s episode #22: Of Onyx, Service and CRITs. We join Rob and John as they guide us through just what the heck they’ve been doing lately in Games and CRIT. First up John gives us the word on his latest fancy the Onyx Contact Force. Then in part two we join Rob as he guides us through a return to his Infinity roots in the form of Yu Jing’s Imperial Service.


Intro: 1m02
Games and CRIT part 1: 4m52 
Games and CRIT part 2: 1h01m58 
Outro: 1h54m49

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