Totally CRIT

#23: Limit your Insertion

January 10, 2017

We know you like Totally CRIT, so here’s some more CRIT for ya. Rob, John and Chris are back and swapping war stories. In episode #23 Limit your Insertion, formally known as CRIT on the ITS Express, remixed and remastered for added strength and superior length. Now with added Games and CRIT.

The CRIT crew give us a brief rundown of what they’ve been up to since last we met, in What the CRIT. With great yarns and tales of Rob and John’s adventures at SCTS IV Festive Warfare in Bournemouth. Then it’s time for the crew to delve deep, go long, furrow their brows and clench their cheeks. As they try to understand the ramifications and tactics required for ITS Limited Insertion.


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m07
Games and CRIT: 49m49
Outro: 1h53m05 

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