Totally CRIT

#25: I will edit in a title…

March 30, 2017

The boys are back and the beers are in. It’s the Totally CRIT Crew with another episode of their fantastical brand of podcasting entertainment. This is episode #25 I will edit in a title… For this episode Rob, John and James settle in for discussion of all things CRIT. Starting with a breakdown of What the CRIT they’ve been up to hobby wise, with musings on painting, terrain building and the virtue of entering buildings.

Then it’s on to Games and CRIT and time for the boys to break it down for Totally CRIT Open 9. Their trials, their tribulations, their victories and their defeats. Discussing among other things the merits of player-TOs, speed of play, the value of order spam, and just why is it so good? We cover meta, game mechanics, and the causes of all this grief. We even remember to talk about the games we played.

Finally, we round things off with Community CRIT where we discuss the qualifiers for this year’s UK Infinity Masters. And hit wild tangents like which American Football teams we like. Then it’s time for a Totally CRIT competition…


Intro: 52s
What the CRIT: 3m10
Games & CRIT - part 1: 24m34
Games & CRIT - part 2: 1h41m37
Community CRIT & Competition: 2h21m36


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