Totally CRIT

#47 Power Creep

September 1, 2019

If there's one thing the CRIT crew are not shy of it's drinking beer if there are two things they're not shy of its controversial red button hot topics! And that's exactly what episode #47 is all about. John, James and Rob sit down to wag their chins and shoot the breeze on the subject of Power Creep in Infinity the game. 

The question is, what with all of Corvus Belli's recent releases: Does Power Creep exist in Infinity now? For this episode, James gets to sit as Judge and Jury presiding over this healthy debate. Ever the balanced and reasonable character he is Rob will be arguing the case against Power Creep in Infinity. Being the deliberately controversial and argumentative type he is John takes on the role of Devil's advocate and will try to persuade us that the Creep is real.

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