Totally CRIT

#13: Countdown before Christmas

December 25, 2015

It's the last Totally CRIT episode of 2015, lucky number thirteen. Sitting down together James, John and Rob join forces to give you a run down of their favourite Infinity units in the Countdown before Christmas. Then we give you a round up of all the UK's upcoming Infinity events in Community News. 

I'm sorry to say this is a bit of a short episode, as we had an issue with the sound quality of a few of the tracks that were recorded. With this in mind we lost What the CRIT, and we can only apologise for the Intro and Outro. Thankfully everything else was okay.


Intro: 51s
Countdown before Christmas: 1m23s
Community News: 1h10m22s
Outro: 1h20m32s

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